Monday, May 10, 2010


On Sunday night I went to Mt.Inasa with my host family. We went at night so we got to see the night view of Nagasaki.We ate at the restaurant at the top of the mountain and sat right by the window that looked out over everything. It was a really amazing view!

More Photos From Golden Week

At the inn we stayed at in the mountains.
Eating an apple American style.
(Usually in Japan they peel of the skin and cut the apples into slices.)
At the volcano.
This is also at the little inn in the mountains.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Golden Week

The Volcano
They had really good corn!
Golden Week in Japan is a week with many holidays so everyone has vacation. The first holiday was April 29th. This was the former emperor's birthday. I then went back to school on Friday but was off again from Saturday to Wednesday. The next holiday was May 3rd which is the Constitution Memorial Day. May 4th is a holiday for the environment and nature. May 5th is the last holiday of Golden Week and it is Children's day. During this time I went on a short home stay to next year's St.Paul Rotary exchange student's house. I taught her and her family many things about Minnesota and St.Paul. On Saturday night and Sunday night we stayed at her house. We had so much fun staying up late, playing games, talking, and watching movies. On Monday we left for our trip. On the first day we went to Fukuoka. In Fukuoka we went shopping for a little bit. After shopping we went out to eat with my host grandmother. We went to a restaurant that had foods from Hokkaido. It was very delicious. We stayed overnight in Fukuoka and the next morning started to drive to Kumamoto prefecture. There was a lot of traffic. Usually the highways in Japan are not very crowded. In Japan you have to pay to use the highways. In Kumamoto we went to visit Aso Mountain. We went to visit the volcano. It was really cool to see and it was my first time seeing a volcano. Inside the volcano was some green liquid. We also stopped many times along the way see the various sights. It was very pretty. At night we stayed at a little inn in the mountains. It was really cute. In the morning we went on a little walk around the inn. The family who ran the inn were really nice. On Wednesday we returned home and that night I returned back to my 3rd host family's house. I really enjoyed getting to see another part of Japan.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Trip

Kyoto Tower

This is a famous sakura tree in Kyoto. It lights up at night.

On Monday my host family and I got up really early and went to the train station at 5:30. We rode the train to Himeji and arrived at 10:00 at night. We had to change trains about 6 times. On the train I listened to books on tape. By the end of the trip I listened to four books on tape. On Tuesday we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel before going to the castle in Himeji. I found that one of the coolest parts of the castle was the part of the castle where the princess lived. It was just interesting to learn about the princess's life. There were so many tourists there. Afterward we took the train to Kobe where we stayed overnight. At night we ate at one of the hotel restaurants with my host family's friends. It was an Indonesian food buffet. Then next day we got up early and took the train to Kyoto. In Kyoto we went and saw many temples and shrines. We walked so much. I liked Kyoto a lot. It was so pretty especially because it was the time of year where you can see so many sakura. After Kyoto we took the train to Osaka where we stayed overnight. We took one of the hotel shuttle buses from the train station to the hotel. I got to see outside and Osaka looked so cool! It looked very modern. I hope I can go back to Osaka one day and spend more time there. Then on Thursday we once again took the train back to Nagasaki and changed trains many times. We finally arrived back home at 11 o clock at night. It was a fun trip but I was really exhausted and was so glad to be home!

Sunday, March 28, 2010



Today I went with my friend to go look at the beautiful cherry blossoms which in Japanese are called sakura in Japanese. Hanami is when people go sit under the beautiful sakura and have a picnic with their friends and family. Well we didn't have a picnic because we went out for lunch before then but we went and took a walk through the park and took many pictures of the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms that we saw were white. I am going to Kyoto soon and many people say there are really beautiful cherry blossoms there so I will take many pictures and update my blog again after my trip! Right now is a very beautiful time in Japan with the cherry blossom season and I am enjoying it so much! And of course with every outing we have to take purikura pictures. I think I explained in one of my previous blog entries that the young people love to take these purikura photos when they go out with friends. Then after you can decorate the photos however you would like! I am sure I will come home with hundreds of purikura pictures but I think it is one the best way to remember an experience!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Biggest Temple in Nagasaki

Today I went with my host family to the biggest temple in Nagasaki. The inside was beautiful and everything inside was so detailed. My host father had a friend who does taiko drumming at the temple so we got to go and play the huge taiko drums which are really cool but really expensive! The drums were really loud but really fun to play on. He also showed us around the temples. It was very neat to see. I think it was my first time going to a big temple like this one.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese Lantern Festival

At the Ryoma museum.

This statue was really cool it was all made of dishes!
One of the temples.

The balloons everyone let go to celebrate the New Year.
On the 14th of February was the Chinese New Year. This is the day the Chinese Lantern Festival started. I went with my host mother and host brother to look at the lanterns that weren't lit yet. It was raining out so before the lanterns were lit we went to the new museum of Sakamoto Ryoma who is a very famous figure here in Japan. It was mostly all in Japanese and so I mostly just looked at the pictures. Then we returned back to the lantern festival in time for the countdown to the New Year and the time when the lanterns were lit. To celebrate the New Year everybody let go of balloons too. I went two more times to the Lantern Festival. One time I went with my host mother to have a tour of some of the Chinese temples. The temples were really cool to see but I didn't understand much of what the tour guide was saying. Yesterday was the last day of the festival and once again I went with the host family and so I got to see the pretty lanterns lit up one last time. Here are some of the pictures I took.